Saturday, October 10, 2009

Labour Day

Allot of back and forth happened about labour day and potentially finishing the woodshed. The issue was that if Shawn could come up it would be with the kids and he couldn't babysit and build too. So Dawn thought that she may be able to come up and at one point it looked like Domitri may be able to come with her.. that was exciting but alas it did not happen. So I was expecting a weekend of solace and no woodshed building.

I was on my way, and when I was in Sudbury i got a call from Shawn that he was coming with the kids. Well Great, but then Great Great aunt Sharon has to learn about babysitting in a great hurry. We all know that I am not childless by accident. I have never changed a diaper in my life! But I did my best. Emily and Zoe survived. Once you get over the thought that you have any life of your own it gets easier. The kids blow bubbles, I blow bubbles. Emily picked rhubarb and helped make rhubarb pie. She doesn't even like rhubarb. Zoe discovered all the thermos cups in the cupboard. She also discovered the cup rings for the magic bullet cups, and matched them with the thermos cups. She is very cleaver. Emily and I went out in the canoe and we did a few other fun things. We didn't stick to the diet that parents prefer. Instead we ate cookies all day.

Shawn finished the framing of the shed including the tin roof. I think its a castle!! Thank you Shawn. Then they scurried off to Stephen and Wendy's.

Gisele and I went into town on Sunday and got the lattice work and that afternoon Ray and I put it up. Its ready for wood.

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