Sunday, August 23, 2009

The best part -The Girl's Weekend

The " girls" thought it would be great to all get together to celebrate my birthday. It as been such a long time since we were all together at the same place and at the same time. I really appreciate them coming together because to get everyone's schedule coordinated is no easy task in our family. Have you every heard the term " herding cats"? That's kind of like how it is. However, Alice was the first one there, so she got her pick of accommodation and chose the "Master Suite" in the camper. Hope and Dawn were miffed that they lost out and gave their mother some abuse. Not nice girls. Patti was funny. Earlier, Shawn sent Patti a picture of me outside of a pop-up camper tent trailer, and told her that this was the new camper. Obviously a ruse... However Patti swallowed it hook, line and sinker, and was stewing over how she was tactfully going to tell me that I had wasted my money.... We laughed. So gullible. She must think that I am gullible too.

We had a great great time. Dawn and Alice brought their little dogs, everyone brought great goodies. We were short on time, and long on food, so we had to eat eat eat... It was like a race to consume. Poor Alice. Her tummy doesn't do so well with all that food. We had to eat... digest. Eat.... Digest.... Eat and digest so that we could eat some more. Oh help that digestion, we might have had a drink or two... And the best part, Dawn brought this new beer, Budweiser Lime. It's great. The Beer Store can't keep it in stock. And the best part, because it was my birthday I got presents!! Great loot!! Thanks everybody!! Patti always gets me great clothes, if it weren't for her I'd be buck naked. Alice and Dawn got me Squirrels, some for the table and some for the trees. And Hope got me a great wall hanging that goes fab in the cottage.

We redecorated a bit too. The best part was that we brought in the harvest table that Doug built, and it goes great in there. And we strong-armed Dawn into taking Mom's table, but Patti will get it refinished.

And the best part Patti brought 2 Manitoba Maples to plant for Doug. And we planted them. Apparently you can't kill them so they should do fine.

And the best part was the beautiful Sunflowers.

And the best part was we had a party with flouresent glow in the dark, light things and we acted like 12 year olds. It was fun.

Dawn and Hope kicked their mother out of the master suite and made her sleep on the couch. Those girls!!

In the morning they all piled into my bedroom, with the dogs and sang " Happy Birthday.

Yep it was a hoot. Have to do it again.

Thanks everyone. I love you all a lot!!

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  1. I'm so glad you found the time to update your blog. As always, it was worh the wait.
    Your blog is like reading a book and not able to go back to the really juicy part for weeks.