Saturday, October 10, 2009

Labour Day

Allot of back and forth happened about labour day and potentially finishing the woodshed. The issue was that if Shawn could come up it would be with the kids and he couldn't babysit and build too. So Dawn thought that she may be able to come up and at one point it looked like Domitri may be able to come with her.. that was exciting but alas it did not happen. So I was expecting a weekend of solace and no woodshed building.

I was on my way, and when I was in Sudbury i got a call from Shawn that he was coming with the kids. Well Great, but then Great Great aunt Sharon has to learn about babysitting in a great hurry. We all know that I am not childless by accident. I have never changed a diaper in my life! But I did my best. Emily and Zoe survived. Once you get over the thought that you have any life of your own it gets easier. The kids blow bubbles, I blow bubbles. Emily picked rhubarb and helped make rhubarb pie. She doesn't even like rhubarb. Zoe discovered all the thermos cups in the cupboard. She also discovered the cup rings for the magic bullet cups, and matched them with the thermos cups. She is very cleaver. Emily and I went out in the canoe and we did a few other fun things. We didn't stick to the diet that parents prefer. Instead we ate cookies all day.

Shawn finished the framing of the shed including the tin roof. I think its a castle!! Thank you Shawn. Then they scurried off to Stephen and Wendy's.

Gisele and I went into town on Sunday and got the lattice work and that afternoon Ray and I put it up. Its ready for wood.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

The best part -The Girl's Weekend

The " girls" thought it would be great to all get together to celebrate my birthday. It as been such a long time since we were all together at the same place and at the same time. I really appreciate them coming together because to get everyone's schedule coordinated is no easy task in our family. Have you every heard the term " herding cats"? That's kind of like how it is. However, Alice was the first one there, so she got her pick of accommodation and chose the "Master Suite" in the camper. Hope and Dawn were miffed that they lost out and gave their mother some abuse. Not nice girls. Patti was funny. Earlier, Shawn sent Patti a picture of me outside of a pop-up camper tent trailer, and told her that this was the new camper. Obviously a ruse... However Patti swallowed it hook, line and sinker, and was stewing over how she was tactfully going to tell me that I had wasted my money.... We laughed. So gullible. She must think that I am gullible too.

We had a great great time. Dawn and Alice brought their little dogs, everyone brought great goodies. We were short on time, and long on food, so we had to eat eat eat... It was like a race to consume. Poor Alice. Her tummy doesn't do so well with all that food. We had to eat... digest. Eat.... Digest.... Eat and digest so that we could eat some more. Oh help that digestion, we might have had a drink or two... And the best part, Dawn brought this new beer, Budweiser Lime. It's great. The Beer Store can't keep it in stock. And the best part, because it was my birthday I got presents!! Great loot!! Thanks everybody!! Patti always gets me great clothes, if it weren't for her I'd be buck naked. Alice and Dawn got me Squirrels, some for the table and some for the trees. And Hope got me a great wall hanging that goes fab in the cottage.

We redecorated a bit too. The best part was that we brought in the harvest table that Doug built, and it goes great in there. And we strong-armed Dawn into taking Mom's table, but Patti will get it refinished.

And the best part Patti brought 2 Manitoba Maples to plant for Doug. And we planted them. Apparently you can't kill them so they should do fine.

And the best part was the beautiful Sunflowers.

And the best part was we had a party with flouresent glow in the dark, light things and we acted like 12 year olds. It was fun.

Dawn and Hope kicked their mother out of the master suite and made her sleep on the couch. Those girls!!

In the morning they all piled into my bedroom, with the dogs and sang " Happy Birthday.

Yep it was a hoot. Have to do it again.

Thanks everyone. I love you all a lot!!

Doug and Sonia

Doug and Sonia were up from Bathurst NB for their daughter Natasha's wedding. Sonia brought me a beautiful seaglass piece. They came out to visit and then took me out to dinner at a cottage on Doyle Road . The cottage belongs to Erin's husbands family. Most of the family was there, including Sonia's mother. Rhea and her baby, Erin and her husband and baby, Natasha and her new husband and Kaleigh and Jason. Jason is also involved in woodturning. Such a nice family. Hunter and Justin were unable to be there. Sonia is recovering from jaw surgery, and is still troubled with lots of pain. Best wishes for her quick recovery. Doug seems to be doing well after his heart attach and I hope he is back to 110% soon. I hope they will send me some picks and I will post them.

Tire Swing and Woodshed

Shawn put up a tire swing and that was a great hit. He found a great location and he and Emily had a lot of fun on it. He also put up the rough frame for the woodshed, so hopefully the wood will have shelter for winter. Their stay was shorter than expected, so I hope they can come again soon.

Fireworks 2009

Sue and Bob invited lots of people to their place, and because of the on and off weather, they set up the supper in the big garage by the road. Lots of people, chaos and great food. Sarah made a tabouli salad that was a big hit. I knew a few folks and Sarah and Shawn met a few of the cottagers. The kids met everyone. Watching them just " go for it" was fun. We ate at 6 and the fireworks didn't start until 10, but we managed to keep ourselves occupied through the nite. Emily found friends next door to go swimming with, and Zoe made friends with the little dogs,and the other kids. Shawn brought over the ATV, so that helped going up and down the steep hill at Sue's.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Shawn Sarah Emily and Zoe July 30 - Aug 2

Very much looking forward to Shawn and Sarah's visit with the kids. Now we can try out the camper and see if everyone will be comfortable. I fussed with beds, and fridge contents and presents for the kids.

They arrived very late on Thursday, but all seemed content in their abode. Emily loved her new pajamas and plush toys, and Zoe took all in stride. The ceiling in the " master" is a bit low, so tall folk like Shawn have some challenge.

Slept in on Friday and had a nice breakfast of pancakes, bacon and blueberries.

Ray and Shawn worked on leveling the woodshed ground and laying the railway ties. They got it more than " sort of " level. Shawn got the bug to do more and drove into town to get more lumber to continue on the project. Had steak, chicken and shrimp for supper with lots of beverages.
Later we had a bond fire with coconut marshmallows... and more beverages.

Got off to a slow start on Saturday, Sarah cooked a great breakfast of shrimp and grilled veggie omelets. Sharon needed some recovery.

Shawn set up the chop saw and gave Sharon a lesson. Piece of cake. Did more on the woodshed. Sharon made butter tarts. Sarah and Emily went for a canoe ride. Then we prepared to go to the Fireworks party. More on that next post.

Playing in the Sand July 29

Playing in the Sand

Fortunately for me, Gisele is looking for any and all opportunities to help out with the backhoe. She is gaining confidence and experience. Soon we will move mountains!

For the woodshed project, Ray suggested that we get a couple of loads of sand, so sand hunting we went! Gisele is in the driver's seat and I am in the passenger seat, also known as the window ledge. I almost fell out. We did our community duty by " cleaning up' a site where a load of sand had been dumped. We shoveled most of it into the bucket and then chugged our way back to the woodshed site. We put 2 buckets of sand at the shed site, and then " cleaned up" some stone opposite Sue's place and put that in front of the camper. Then I spent the rest of the afternoon shoveling and raking trying to get it " sort of" level at the shed site. After this bout of physical exercise I was doubting the benefits of heating with wood! Whose idea was this? Where is my Mojhito? Condo living is looking attractive!

Ray came by later to inspect. He was not impressed. Still not level. Any way that was all I could do for that day. On Friday Shawn would help to move the ties and maybe he could make it better.