Sunday, August 23, 2009

Doug and Sonia

Doug and Sonia were up from Bathurst NB for their daughter Natasha's wedding. Sonia brought me a beautiful seaglass piece. They came out to visit and then took me out to dinner at a cottage on Doyle Road . The cottage belongs to Erin's husbands family. Most of the family was there, including Sonia's mother. Rhea and her baby, Erin and her husband and baby, Natasha and her new husband and Kaleigh and Jason. Jason is also involved in woodturning. Such a nice family. Hunter and Justin were unable to be there. Sonia is recovering from jaw surgery, and is still troubled with lots of pain. Best wishes for her quick recovery. Doug seems to be doing well after his heart attach and I hope he is back to 110% soon. I hope they will send me some picks and I will post them.

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