Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Playing in the Sand July 29

Playing in the Sand

Fortunately for me, Gisele is looking for any and all opportunities to help out with the backhoe. She is gaining confidence and experience. Soon we will move mountains!

For the woodshed project, Ray suggested that we get a couple of loads of sand, so sand hunting we went! Gisele is in the driver's seat and I am in the passenger seat, also known as the window ledge. I almost fell out. We did our community duty by " cleaning up' a site where a load of sand had been dumped. We shoveled most of it into the bucket and then chugged our way back to the woodshed site. We put 2 buckets of sand at the shed site, and then " cleaned up" some stone opposite Sue's place and put that in front of the camper. Then I spent the rest of the afternoon shoveling and raking trying to get it " sort of" level at the shed site. After this bout of physical exercise I was doubting the benefits of heating with wood! Whose idea was this? Where is my Mojhito? Condo living is looking attractive!

Ray came by later to inspect. He was not impressed. Still not level. Any way that was all I could do for that day. On Friday Shawn would help to move the ties and maybe he could make it better.


  1. This was worth waiting for!
    Laughed my head off a few times reading this one. The dogs must think I'm crazy.

    I just can't wait for your load of rock, see what I can do with that! LOL :)

  2. I'm thinking of hiring the two of you. I need a new sidewalk and step here in Rutherglen. I don't have a sauna or a lake but I can keep up the refreshments.