Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Shawn Sarah Emily and Zoe July 30 - Aug 2

Very much looking forward to Shawn and Sarah's visit with the kids. Now we can try out the camper and see if everyone will be comfortable. I fussed with beds, and fridge contents and presents for the kids.

They arrived very late on Thursday, but all seemed content in their abode. Emily loved her new pajamas and plush toys, and Zoe took all in stride. The ceiling in the " master" is a bit low, so tall folk like Shawn have some challenge.

Slept in on Friday and had a nice breakfast of pancakes, bacon and blueberries.

Ray and Shawn worked on leveling the woodshed ground and laying the railway ties. They got it more than " sort of " level. Shawn got the bug to do more and drove into town to get more lumber to continue on the project. Had steak, chicken and shrimp for supper with lots of beverages.
Later we had a bond fire with coconut marshmallows... and more beverages.

Got off to a slow start on Saturday, Sarah cooked a great breakfast of shrimp and grilled veggie omelets. Sharon needed some recovery.

Shawn set up the chop saw and gave Sharon a lesson. Piece of cake. Did more on the woodshed. Sharon made butter tarts. Sarah and Emily went for a canoe ride. Then we prepared to go to the Fireworks party. More on that next post.

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  1. Talk about professional workers. Even have a transit to make sure the ground is level. No "close enough" construction here.