Sunday, July 26, 2009

The House that Wilson Built

July 25, 26. On Saturday we had a slow morning, and I baked bread and butter tarts. I am getting a reputation for my butter tarts! That afternoon we were invited over to Ray and Gisele's for a drink. Ray invited Sue and Mike; they are the current owners of the log home on Airport Road that Wilson built. All parties were delighted to meet each other and talk about the house. It was very interesting to listen also to learn about the construction of this very unique building. It was truly an accomplishment that Wilson rightfully feels very proud of. We then invited them back to our place for dessert- Butter Tarts- and more conversation. Mike and Sue brought their laptop to show Wilson and Fran their pictures of the house. I looks like not alot has changed. Wilson is delighted, and something tells me that they will become friends.

Again, it was serendipitous that this meeting came together. Back from "Sloshed in the Sauna" Gisele had invited the girls over for a sauna and swim. I met Sue for the first time, and making small talk I asked her if she lived out here year round. She replied that she lived in a log home on Airport Road, and of course that caught my attention. When I pushed for details, and before she could finish her answer I said "Does it have a huge stone fireplace and cherry floors in the kitchen ?" She was kind of taken aback that a total stranger was familiar with her house!!" Then I told her that my Uncle built the house. It wasn't until the next day that I new that Wilson and Fran were coming to visit. Small World. Serendipitous. Six points of separation.

A great evening was had by all. The next morning Wilson and Fran were off to Massey to see her brother.


  1. It was great to meet Sue and Mike and to learn that they were enjoying the house on Airport road as much as we had. Strange that we had put so much of ourselves into that house and, although I was ready to leave it at the time, someone else was as much involved with it as we had been.

  2. We had a great time visiting Sharon and meeting her friends. We will be back. Thanks Giselle, I can now post on the blog again.