Friday, July 10, 2009

Having a Blast!

When I arrived there was still a bit of work to do on the trailer site. A cast iron bathtub needed to be moved and a boulder needed to be shoved out of the way. Stephen agreed to take the bathtub, but when he did not come as scheduled, Gisele said she could move it with the backhoe. So we used long pry bars and gently rolled it into the big bucket of the back hoe. Piece of cake!

Then we noticed a wooden box about 2 ft by 1 ft by 6 inches. Wow, maybe Dad has left me some Gold!! We shook it. No, not heavy enough for gold! The box was nailed shut. So we got a hammer and banged it and pryed it, and with great difficulty we wrenched it open. And what did we find? .. Not money..... not gold... But Dynamite!! OHMYGOD!! Now what! Also, under where the tub was was an old tobacco container marked " Explosives" and another plastic bag that we decided we should not even investigate.

Gisele had heard cautions in the news lately about old explosives and suggested that we call the police. Now. So we did. The police advised us to not touch it, as old explosives become unstable. Within an hour 2 constables were on the scene, they cordoned off the area with Crime Scene tape. We waited for another hour for the bomb specialist to come in his "forensic investigation " van. This officer determined that he could safely remove the explosives without calling the bomb squad from North Bay.

Wow. Pretty scary. First, when the area was being cleared maybe the tub could have been " pushed out of the way," and this may have caused an explosion. Also, had Stephen come as planned, he was going to put a chain around it and drag it out of there!! We have to thank our lucky stars that events unfolded as they did. The Dynamite was removed safely and we can now laugh about it. Ha Ha. ......

Then Gisele used the backhoe to move the boulder. And guess what? boulders are bigger than they look. It took some doing but all got done just fine.

Enough excitement for one day. Need to be up early tomorrow for the camper delivery.


  1. Never underestimate the power of a woman and where there are two women involved, mountains can be moved. Glad to hear that the blast did not happen.