Sunday, July 19, 2009

July 15, -16 2009. Weather was off and on for Wednesday , but I managed to get the woodchipper going for a couple of hours to do some of the brush, but now I think that bringing it to the dump is the easiest way. That's what Dad used to do, and I guess that was the best way. I was able to get into the garden area to bring that meadow under control with the big weed wacker. I called Job Connect to see about getting some general labour, and a young man named Lenny called me right away. He was very anxious for some work so we agreed that he should come out to give a hand on Friday. I was planning to pick up the materials to build a woodshed so I drew a rough plan to figure out the materials. However Stephen dropped by in the afternoon and shook his head. Not a good plan. I scrapped that idea. The good news is that Stephen may be able to take on the electrical job to run the 30 amp service to the trailer.
Gisele and I were in town running errands all day Thursday. I picked up the valve to put in an additional shut off at the lake.

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