Friday, July 10, 2009

Tomatoes and Milk

One day Gisele and I went into town to run a few errands, get groceries ( tomatoes and milk) etc. We got alot done, including seeing her father in law, making a drop at St. Vincent de Paul, and.. oh yes, and buying a camper trailer!
It started with me musing about a bunkie as Doug and I had talked about this for a couple of years because the sleeping capacity of the cottage is quite limited. In prior years we had looked at campers and found them to be very scarce. And now I would very much like to invite family and friends to keep me company. Well on this day we dropped into Nighthawk Trailer Sales and found a 26 ft fifth wheel that sleeps 8! Fortunately Gisele and Ray are very experienced camper trailer people and know everything about these things. Also Gisele is a pretty shrewd negotiator. So after a little humming and hawing, I did it!! Ray checked it to see that is was sound & it was judged to be in very good condition and Gisele negotiated a better price. So the deal was done, on the spot! Omygod!! Now what! Well first I had to put the tomatoes and milk in the fridge.

We determined that the best place for the camper would be where the woodshed was. Now moving 30 years of wood seemed like a daunting chore, but Gisele was unphased by the enormity or the task and was ready to get at it ! So she dragged me whining and complaining, and over the next 2 days we got most of it done. We started off stacking it neatly in the parking area, and it gradually turned into "pitching" it. I must thank her and Sue for finishing it off. Also Gisele organized for a tree to be removed and a backhoe to come in and remove the skeleton of the woodshed. At the same time, the driver from Nighthawk came to inspect the site to see if this delivery was possible. So the project had the all clear, and ready for delivery early in July.

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