Sunday, July 26, 2009

Toronto Timmins Express July 20 - 22

I have many bulky things in Toronto that would be better here at the Cottage, but getting them here is a challenge. Gisele, who is not afraid of big adventures, offered the use of her truck for us to make a run down and get some stuff. Early Monday morning we departed in the truck equipped with a tail gate extension so that we could load up. We stopped in Sudbury to see Mom, then sought the scenic route to Toronto. We lost count of how many dead ends we met, but on the way we went through Mctier and Coldwater. The latter is a very nice town. Then we took Hwy 27 from Barrie to Toronto. Had Pizza and took our weary bodies to bed.
Tuesday morning we found a great breakfast spot and headed out to do shopping. The biggest stop was Costco where Gisele loaded up with goodies, including shelving units for her cousin. We didn't get started to load to truck till late afternoon, and then we were further delayed with rain. But at the end of the day we had loaded the 8 ft harvest table, chop saw and stand, generator, Doug's big bucksaws, red kitchen table, and a variety of small tools that may be useful here. Oh yes, of course, and Sandpaper. All tied down like the song " A flitin" . A small glitch, the tow ball was not the right size, so we got to Canadian tire very early and they installed the correct size ball for us. So we were off!! We traveled at a moderate speed, and found that the trailer pulled very well. However the trailer is small and cannot be seen behind the vehicle, so we had to spend some time finding a way to attach a flag. We "shopped" along Hwy 27 and bought Salami and other goodies at the 27 Country Market, and some curiosities at the Flea Market " Barn" at Cookstown.
We were in Sudbury by 5 pm, stopped for supper in Cartier, were we found a great restaurant. But is was quite late and we did not get home till almost 11 pm. Glad we got home safely. I was baffed and stayed up until 2 pm getting unpacked. I was excited because Uncle Wilson and Fran were coming tomorrow!!

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