Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sloshed in the Sauna.

Saturday July 18:
I promised myself an " inside" day to get started on Mom's manuscript. But mid morning Gisele came by and invited me for a Girls Sauna Day and supper. - now that's a great idea!! I rushed and baked bread for supper and made butter tarts, and by 1 pm the girls were in the 150 degree sauna and going in and out for swims. It took some getting used to get into the cold water, but I had a great swim or two. ?? It was great. I think the wine and the heat got to me, because I needed a lay down!! Had a nap for a bit, and then got up to help with supper. Felt much better. I really had a nice time. I don't think I was bad. I met Gisele's neighbours and found out that they now live in the log house in Timmins on Airport road that Uncle Wilson built!! Small world. A great recreational day!

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  1. What a great day! Had a lot of good laughs.
    Mike (Sue's husband) was working in the cottage & heard us laugh all afternoon. I bet he wished he could join us. I think he was really happy that Sue was having such a good time.

    We will have to do this again. :)