Friday, July 10, 2009

May 22-28 2009

Shawn and I travelled to Kirkland Lake with the idea that he would pick up his Jeep from Patti's, come to the Cottage to help with the water etc and then drive the Jeep back to Toronto. Alas, the Jeep would not cooperate. Shawn borrowed Patti's Yukon, came to the Cottage got the water going and had to resort to taking the bus back to Toronto!! By the time I got to Timmins it was all set. That was much to much trouble. Thank you Shawn!

Being here at the Cottage was quite difficult with Doug's absence. He seemed to "not" be everwhere. Over the last four years the cottage had become our spot together, and he was my partner for work and play and to do everything. However one thing we had done together was make some friends, and I found out that our friends were there for me and helped me through and we shared a few tears and some laughs.

Sue invited me to the spring "Progressive Dinner" , a social event where participants travel between several "host" houses to wine and dine. At first I didn't feel up to it, but then, with some encouragement I decided to go. It was very nice, and I had a chance to meet many people and I actually had a very good time. I will look forward to seeing these folks again.

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