Sunday, July 26, 2009

Wilson and Fran and the Lumberjacks!

July 23: Wilson and Fran came to visit!! They arrived on Thursday loaded with trout and other goodies. Rick and Anita joined us, and that was great for me to get caught up with them. We had a great supper that Wilson cooked. They preferred to stay in the Cottage, so the camper is still a virgin!

On Friday mid-day, Ray Lavasseur came by. Ray is a " logger" and I had contacted him earlier about taking some trees down here. So we made the arrangements and he started, with his friend, Mr Lawrence Luthanen. Boy, that was something to see, how they took down the trees quickly safely and cleanly. Ray made his fortune as a logger and running logging operations. Lawrence was a miner. Both of them shared many stories with us and they were a treat to get to know. Very interesting men. I expect them back next week to do some more.

On Friday Sean and Ken came out to visit their grandpartents and they joined us for supper. They are Rick's eldest and youngest boys. It was nice to meet them.


  1. One little correction. Rick's boys are Sean and Ken and it was great to see them. I was also intrigued by the stories and tales that both Ray and Lawrence could tell. It made for a very entertaining day; plus the apple pies was great.

  2. Fran, thanks for the correction. See the changes. Bye