Saturday, July 11, 2009

Problems and Solutions

July 11, 2009
Today was a bit frustrating because of a few unsolved problems. I still cannot get the chipper shredder going. Bob came over to try and he suggested that he could bring it to Canadian Tire on Monday. I think that is a good idea. I will ask if they can put an electric start on it.

Then I was thinking of burning the brush, but couldn't make the tap go down by the firepit. But I did manage to fill the tanks at the top of the hill and the lines are full. And I put on the chest waders and moved the intake deeper out in the lake. The water is quite low and I didn't want the intake "coming up for air".
I did some more mowing with the mowing machine. But I can't get to the garden because or the tree debris. The place is not very neat at the moment. I marked a number of trees for Mr. Lavasseur to take down.

And then the fridge in the camper stopped working, but Gisele came over and helped me solve that. And the scanner, I need the scanner for Mom's manuscript. I have spent hours and hours installing and uninstalling , and finally found a convoluted way to make it go.

And the dehumidifier is now working in the basement.
So all in all the day ended okay with a number of issues re solved. I think I should have a drink and watch the news.

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  1. What a great job you are doing with this blog. Just can't wait for the next entry.