Saturday, July 11, 2009

Saffron Robe?

July 10, 2009 The camper is in place with no problems, my Internet is working, the computer is set up and working, ( except the scanner ) and other things seem to be going as well. No major problems or issues so I am feeling quite contented. Working on making things in better order. I have not been able to start the chipper shredder so alot of tree debris remains.

The camper can make use of many of the duplication items that have been crammed into the Cottage and this has relieved a bit of the congestion in here.

Ever since 2004 when Mom and Dad moved to Spruce Hill Lodge my life has been a continuum of moving and handling stuff. We moved stuff from Middleton to the Cottage, then when the house sold we had to move more stuff from Middleton to the Cottage. Then Mom left Spruce Hill Lodge and we had to move that stuff here too. Even after begging family to take stuff and donating much to charities we are still overloaded with furniture, kitchen ware, linens and tools. And in Toronto, I had sold my house and moved to a 2 bedroom apartment, more stuff. Then I moved from the apartment to Doug's house. I am so tired of dealing with stuff ! I'm going to become a Buddhist monk! Can you see me bald and in a saffron robe?

The day ended well. Gisele and Ray came over for pot roast and we had a nice time. They always have good ideas.

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  1. What a pleasure it is to read your blog. You sure know how to make words come alive. Thanks for sharing.